OpenTofu is an infrastructure as code tool that lets you build, change, and version cloud and on-prem resources safely and efficiently. Originally a fork of the Terraform, it has been designed as a drop-in replacement.

OpenTofu is open-source, community-driven, and managed by the Linux Foundation.

Terraform OpenTofu AWS EKS
This how-to demonstrates how to use Terraform to create an AWS EKS cluster and deploy an application along with a Load Balancer on top.
Terraform AWS ECS Fargate
How-to use Terraform or OpenTofu to create an AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) running in Fargate and deploy a Docker container.
Terraform AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Programmatically creating AWS users using IaC tools like Terraform & OpenTofu
Geneation of a PrettyGood Privacy (PGP) Key Pair for automated AWS IAM user access key creation with Terraform.
Terraform Migration to OpenTofu
How to migrate existing AWS Terraform-managed infrastructure that uses remote backend storage (e.g. S3) to OpenTofu.
OpenTofu & Kubernetes
How to publish multiple replicas of an Application (from the Docker Registry) and create a NodePort or a LoadBalancer in Kubernetes using OpenTofu (in 10 seconds)
OpenTofu installation is done by downloading a package from OpenTofu's GitHub Releases repository and installing it on the target machine.
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