AWS VPC stands for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. It's a service that allows you to create a logically isolated virtual network within the AWS cloud. With VPC, you can define your own IP address range, subnets, route tables, and network gateways. It provides control over network settings, such as configuring security settings, launching instances, and connecting to other AWS services, while maintaining isolation from other networks in the AWS cloud.

AWS Internet Gateway
How to configure and use the Terraform aws_internet_gateway resource block to create and manage AWS Internet Gateway inside a VPC to enable instances access to and from the Internet.
How to configure and use the Terraform aws_subnet resource block to create and manage AWS Subnets inside a VPC. AWS Subnets are a subdivision of the IP Network assigned to the VPC.
AWS Subnets are segmented sections within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
An AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a virtual network dedicated to an AWS account. It enables users to launch AWS resources, like EC2 instances, within a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud.
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