How to configure and use the Terraform aws_key_pair resource block to create and manage AWS Key Pairs for performing SSH Public Key Authentication into EC2 instances.
A public key is a cryptographic key that is part of a key pair used for public key cryptography. In the context of SSH (Secure Shell) and other cryptographic systems, a public key is associated with an entity (like a user or a server) and is shared openly.
Cloud-init is the industry standard multi-distribution method for cross-platform cloud instance initialisation
Cloud-init is a multi-distribution package that handles the early initialization of cloud instances. It is commonly used in cloud computing environments to perform various tasks during the instance's first boot.
SSH, which stands for Secure Shell, is a cryptographic network protocol that allows for secure communication and data transfer between two computers over an insecure network. Usage: Key features of SSH: Applications of SSH: Next Steps:
Generation of an Ed25519 Key Pair for SSH Authentication on AWS Linux Machines and Uploading of Key Pairs with Terraform.
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