Ansible Best Practices

A set of guidelines or recommendations for using Ansible effectively. These practices cover various aspects, including playbook structure, variable management, error handling, security, and performance optimization. They aim to ensure efficient, maintainable, and secure automation.

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Handling multiple infrastructure environments with Ansible by targeting the environment tag that included in the mandatory AWS Tags
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Ansible Roles Granularity We recommend building Ansible roles that are highly reusable by configuration, but we also recommend pragmatism as our highest priority. Roles for systems and applications designed to be standalone, or before the Cloud was around, are called "non-native cloud applications", often those are stateful applications that can not be clustered without sharing […]
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Define and apply a company-wide consistent structure for all your Ansible Playbooks that allows for easy understanding and maximum reutilization
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Best practices for naming and using AWS Infrastructure with Terraform and Ansible.
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