Ansible Tutorials

Ansible for Automation of Infrastructure and Applications
Ansible can automate repetitive configuration tasks:

Provisioning and configuration of servers (Operating System, Security, logging and monitoring, …), networks and devices
Configuration management
Provisioning cloud infrastructure and Cloud services
Application Deployment
Continuous Delivery

Ansible has hundreds of available modules to automate repetitive tasks for the main operating systems, Cloud and on-premises providers.

LAN, NAT, HOST Only and Tunnel Kubernetes networks
Tutorial and full source code explaining how to create a Kubernetes cluster with Ansible and Vagrant for local development under 3 minutes.
terraform-aws-ec2-rds-basic-free - ITWL_AWS_Terraform_VPC_WP_RDS_tags.png
Methods to divide Terraform AWS infrastructure between different teams and projects using Terraform: Using Terraform Data Sources, Accessing a Remote Terraform State-file From Other Project, ...
This Ansible AWS tutorial shows how to use Ansible and its dynamic inventory to provision the software and configuration of infrastructure that has been created with Terraform.
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