Refers to a form of lightweight, portable, and self-sufficient units that package applications and their dependencies, allowing them to run consistently across various computing environments.

They provide an isolated and standardized execution environment for applications, encapsulating everything needed to run: code, runtime, system tools, libraries, and settings. Containers leverage the host operating system's kernel, enabling efficient resource utilization and quicker startup times compared to traditional virtual machines.

Common containerization platforms like Docker provide tools to create, deploy, and manage containers, making it easier for developers to build, ship, and run applications across different environments, from development to production.

Terraform OpenTofu AWS EKS
This how-to demonstrates how to use Terraform to create an AWS EKS cluster and deploy an application along with a Load Balancer on top.
Terraform AWS ECS Fargate
How-to use Terraform or OpenTofu to create an AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) running in Fargate and deploy a Docker container.
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