Terraform Tutorials

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Provision and manage cloud infrastructure applying best practices:

  • Defining the infrastructure as code
  • Managing configuration and versioning infrastructure
  • Modularizing, reusing  and applying standards for infrastructure deployment

Terraform can manage infrastructure from the main cloud providers: AWS, Google, Azure, OpenStack, VMware, Oracle, Docker, CloudStack, …

IT Wonder Lab has Terraform tutorials in English and Spanish:

Terraform Tutorials

Terraform Cloud Agents in a Kubernetes Cluster

What are the Terraform Cloud Agents?
With Terraform Cloud Agents, a company can manage its private infrastructure as code and benefit from all the functionality of Terraform in a SaaS scenario.

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Ansible Tutorials

How to use Ansible and Terraform together?

This Ansible AWS tutorial shows how to use Ansible and its dynamic inventory to provision the software and configuration of infrastructure that has been created with Terraform.